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Being a Big Brother or Big Sister is a fun and rewarding experience for both you and the child you will be mentoring. In just a small amount of time each month you can make a huge difference in the life of a little boy or little girl.

Bigs really make a difference!

In a study of the impact that Bigs have on their Littles, statistics show that children who participate in the unique one-to-one mentoring experience of Big Brothers Big Sisters are:

52% less likely to skip school
46% less likely to start using drugs
33% less likely to hit someone
27% less likely to start drinking alcohol

In order for the relationship between you and your Little to have most positive benefits we ask that you spend at least a few hours a month with their Little. Activities can include, but are not limited to: playing basketball, taking a walk in the park, playing video games, creating a scrapbook, cooking, playing catch, and going to the movies. Our agency does require a one year commitment from our volunteers; most matches continue on for many years beyond the one year requirement.

You will not be alone in your match. Our professional staff is here to assist you beyond just finding a Little who fits your personality and interests. They are there to guide you and answer any questions you may have and to listen to the stories about all of the wonderful things you and your Little are doing together.

To begin the process of becoming a Big, please contact our office at (574) 232-9958. We will talk more with you about the program. You can also fill out the online [Volunteer Form] or [Click Here] for the PDF version, and bring it with you to the second step of the process, the interview. During the interview we will get to know you better and get a feel for the type of Little for who you would be suited. After the interview we will contact your references and complete the required background check. Once all of this is completed, we will contact you and give you the profiles of potential Littles for you to mentor.