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BBBS Welcomes New CEO

“As we proceed into the new year with the goal of changing lives, we are excited for the hiring of our new CEO Joel DeMott. His passion for young people and his willingness to do anything to secure their future is just one of the many reasons we decided to bring him on board.” – TJ Jorgensen, Board Chairman

Joel comes to us with an extensive background as a youth worker. For the past 17 years he has been advocating for the youth in our community. Joel is enthusiastic saying, “I look forward to reengaging with BBBS’s current community partners and reestablishing the goals that our organization has set for ourselves. I hope to make new relationships with potential partners and volunteers to develop the future of our community’s youth.

January Match of the Month

Big Sister Alexis and Little Sister Sharray have been matched since March 2021 and have become two peas in a pod as they have matched each other’s high energy and love of sisterhood.

Over the holiday break they enjoyed going out to dinner, playing with Alexis’ dog, opening Christmas gifts and making necklaces & bracelets. Alexis has striven to expose Sharray to a total experience of college life through exposing her to a variety of activities taking place on the ND campus, such as watching the band practice and seeing them perform at games, along with attending science and math projects held on campus. 

It is noted that the entire family loves their Big Sister Alexis.

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January is National Mentoring Month

Mentors make a BIG impact on our lives! No one would be where they are without great mentors along the way and at Big Brothers Big Sisters our mentors are changing the lives of our community’s youth everyday.


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